Postdocs in Moscow

The Faculty of Mathematics (FM) of the Higher School of Economics (HSE University), Moscow, invites applications for postdoctoral research positions in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. Appointments are normally made for one year. Postdoctoral fellows have an opportunity to renew their contract (no more than twice).

The position involves:
• joining one of our research groups within the FM in performing high-quality research – every successful candidate will be offered a position in the FM;
• pursuing independent research in Mathematics or Mathematical Physics in parallel with working on joint projects of the FM;
• writing research papers for international peer-reviewed journals;
• participation in organization of the events and other contribution to the development of Moscow mathematics;
• public presentations of candidate’s own research to the researchers in the field and the broader academic community;
• some teaching is encouraged, though not required.

Requirements: The general requirements for the postdoctoral fellowship positions are the following:
• Candidates must hold a recent PhD (or equivalent, including Russian Candidate of Science degree) in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or related areas which was awarded over the last 5 years or received before starting work at HSE in a relevant field by an internationally recognized university and has been assessed by external reviewers as having the potential to pursue research that is publishable in leading peer-reviewed journals;
• Candidates should have a strong background in and an established research record in Mathematics or Mathematical Physics; ability to work in a team;
Fluent English is an obligatory condition as research and other activities are conducted in English. Knowledge of Russian is not required.

Deadline for application: February 9, 2021

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