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May-12 online event: Celebrating Women in Math (9 June 2020, 15:00)

The Department of Mathematics of University of Rome Tor Vergata invites you to attend the following event, organized as part of the international project “May 12” (

Lecture in honour of Maryam Mirzakhani:
Speaker: Lucia Caporaso (Roma Tre University)
Title: Varieties of Varieties after Mirzakhani.
Date: 9 Giugno 2020, ore 15

Web page (on which it will be posted the link for the streaming):

The lecture will be followed by the screening of the documentary film : “Secrets of the surface: the mathematical vision of Maryam Mirzakhani” by George Csicsery.

This initiative is sponsored by the Italian MIUR “Department of Excellence” grant (2018-2022) Math@Tov, CUP E83C18000100006.

The Brin Prize 2020 awarded to Corinna Ulcigrai!

The ninth Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems has been awarded to our own

Corinna Ulcigrai (University of Zurich)

for her fundamental work on the ergodic theory of locally Hamiltonian flows on surfaces, of translation flows on periodic surfaces and wind-tree models, and her seminal work on higher genus generalizations of Markov and Lagrange spectra.

You can find the list of Corinna’s prize papers at or

The award ceremony was planned for 18/04/2020 as part of the 2020 Maryland Spring dynamical systems conference, which has been canceled. It is now planned for  April 10, 2021 (as part of 2021 Maryland conference).

(Brin Prize Committee: Viviane Baladi, Giovanni Forni (Chair), Helmut Hofer, Elon Lindenstrauss, Carlangelo Liverani, Hee Oh, Federico Rodriguez Hertz)

PhD scholarships at the university of Groningen

There will be nine 4 year PhD position available at the University of Groningen.

Although the research projects are interdisciplinary and across mathematics, physics and astrophysics, at least two of the research topics (number 6 and 9 in the topics list) have a strong mathematical component, with focus on dynamical systems, hamiltonian mechanics and semiclassical analysis.

The advertisement is available at the following link:

The deadline for the application is 1 April 11:59 pm / before 2 April Dutch local time. All the activities at the University of Groningen are in English, no knowledge of the Dutch language is required or expected.

Two-year research fellowship at the University of Pisa

Opening for a two-year  research fellowship in Dynamical Systems at the University of Pisa. This position is supported by the national grant MIUR-PRIN 2017 “Regular and stochastic behaviour in dynamical systems“.

More information and the official call (with English version) can be found at:

Applications should be received by April 2, 2020.

Please bring this announcement to the attention of people that could be interested.