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Three-year postdoctoral position in Ergodic Theory at Loughborough

Loughborough University is seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the area of Smooth Ergodic Theory to conduct research under the direction of Dr Wael Bahsoun on an EPSRC funded project “Transfer operators and emergent dynamics in hyperbolic systems”. The project also involves collaboration with Prof. Mark Pollicott (Warwick) and with Prof. Carlangelo Liverani (Rome). 

The appointee will be based in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University. 

Candidates should have a PhD in Mathematics and should be interested in conducting research on Smooth Ergodic Theory / Dynamical Systems via transfer operator techniques. 

The duration of this appointment is for 36 months, starting 1 October 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter. 

For informal discussions about this role please contact ([email protected]). 

2021 Chapel Hill Ergodic Theory Workshop: Global Online Edition

2021 Chapel Hill Ergodic Theory Workshop: Global Online Edition

The activities of the Virtual Ergodic Conference will take place in three consecutive weeks, from June 21 to July 9, 2021. While schedules are thought to adapt most time zones, these are specially fitted to North & South America (week 1), Europe & Africa (week 2) and Asia & Australia (week 3). The format will try to preserve the atmosphere of the Chapel Hill Ergodic Theory Workshops with some adaptations to match current virtual modalities.

Week 1- North & South America
Monday June 21 and Tuesday June 22
Plenary Speakers: Idris Assani; Anush Tserunyan

Week 2- Europe/Africa
Monday June 28 and Tuesday June 29
Plenary Speakers: Tanja Eisner; Mark Pollicott

Week 3- Asia and Australia
Monday July 5 and Tuesday July 6
Plenary Speakers: Danijela Damjanovic; Corinna Ulcigrai; Xiangdong Ye


Schedule of talks:

Organizing Committee:

  • Idris Assani (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- USA)
  • Zoltan Buczolich ( Eotvos Lorand University- HUNGARY)
  • Francesco Cellarosi ( Queen’s University – CAD)
  • Tushar Das (University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse- USA)
  • Natalia Jurga (University of St Andrews – UK)
  • Jana Rodriguez Hertz (Southern University of Science and Technology- CHINA)
  • Raul Ures (Southern University of Science and Technology- CHINA)
  • Paulo Varandas ( Federal University of Bahia – Brazil & CMUP – PORTUGAL)

Dynamical systems talk in Milano

Seminario Matematico e Fisico di Milano

Monday June 21, 5pm

Link zoom

Speaker: Jacopo De Simoi (University of Toronto)

Title: Dynamical rigidity of convex billiards 

Abstract: Convex billiards are a classical topic in conservative dynamics. Typically, their dynamics is qualitatively very intricate, since it showcases a coexistence of hyperbolic dynamics and KAM phenomena. Understanding long-term statistical properties of the dynamics with the current technology is essentially an intractable problem. Here I venture in the opposite direction and I will discuss dynamical inverse problems: how much geometrical information can be extracted from the dynamics? More precisely: what can be deduced about the billiard table if one knows the lengths of all periodic orbits? The quantum version of this question has been famously stated as “Can one hear the shape of a drum?” In this talk I will review the latest results and describe the next steps in this direction. This is a joint project with Vadim Kaloshin.