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Dynamical aspects of number theory talks in Cortona

On Thursday 3rd September there will be a special session at the 17th European Women in Maths general meeting in Cortona on “Dynamical aspects of number theory”.  It runs from 10:00 – 13:00, and there will be short talks by Valerie Berthé, Karma Dajani, Charlene Kalle, Henna Koivusalo and Nicola Oswald.

Registration for the conference is unfortunately already closed, but if anyone is nearby and wants to come only for this morning session, I can’t imagine there would be any problem. (I hope this goes without saying, but let me say it anyway, men are obviously welcome to attend the talks too.)

The schedule and abstracts can be found here:

Cellarosi’s seminar in Bologna, July 22, 2015

When: Wednesday July 22, 2015, at 11:30

Where: Seminario I, Dept. of Mathematics, Università di Bologna

Who: Francesco Cellarosi (Queen’s University, Canada)

What: Seminar “Recent progress towards Sarnak’s and Chowla’s Conjectures”

Abstract: I will present an overview of Sarnak’s conjecture on the disjointness of the Möbius function from any deterministic sequence and the related Chowla’s conjecture on the self-correlations of the Möbius function. Some progress towards weaker versions of these conjectures have been made recently, and I plan to illustrate them.

De Simoi’s seminar in Pisa

Monday  20/7/2015, h 11:30-12:30
Sala Conferenze (Puteano, Centro De Giorgi)

Jacopo De Simoi (University of Toronto)


Abstract: In 1927 G. Birkhoff conjectured that if a billiard in a strictly convex smooth domain is integrable, the domain has to be an ellipse (or a circle). The conjecture is still wide open, and presents remarkable relations with open questions in inverse spectral theory and spectral rigidity.
In the talk we show that a version of Birkhoff’s conjecture is true for
small perturbations of ellipses of small eccentricity.
This is joint work with A. Avila and V. Kaloshin