Postdocs in Mathematics in Pisa

The Department of Mathematics of Università di Pisa has opened a call for two 2-year postdoctoral positions in “Pure and Applied Mathematics”. The deadline for application is December 24, 2021 at 1pm (Italian time). More info at:

Full Professorship in Mathematical Analysis at University of Rome Tor Vergata

The Department of Mathematics at University of Rome Tor Vergata is advertising the opening of a Full Professorship in the field of Mathematical Analysis. Deadline for the application: 16th December 2021. More information (in Italian):

Fourth DAI Day - website

The website of the Quarta Giornata DinAmica, a.k.a. as Fourth DinAmicI Day, a.k.a. 4th DAI Day, is up and running: We hope to have as many participants as possible, ideally in presence, or at least online. We ask everyone interested to register at the website. The organizers

Postdoc in Dynamical Systems in Pisa

The Department of Mathematics of Università di Pisa has opened a call for one 2-year postdoctoral position denominated “Regular and stochastic behaviour in dynamical systems: theory, applications, and interactions with other areas of Mathematics”. The position is expected to start in January 2022. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. The deadline for application is November 25, 2021 at 1pm (Italian local time). The interview will be online on December 6, 2021 at 9am (Italian local time).

RTD-A (non-tenured position) on mathematical methods for climate science

A Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato di tipo A (RTD-A, non-tenured three-year) position, carrying a reduced teaching load, has been announced by the University of Pisa for the study of mathematical methods for climate science. In the call you can find it classified as MAT05 (Mathematical Analysis) but the research to be done is expected to involve other areas of mathematics and science. The call can be found here: Website for online application: https://pica.

2-year postdoc at University of Zürich

Prof. Corinna Ulcigrai (University of Zürich) is currently advertising a 2-year postdoc position (possibly +1 year), starting in September 2022 (different starting dates can be negotiated). The deadline for the applications is January 7, 2022. The job ad and the link to the job application can be retrieved from the following link:

Fourth DAI Day - save the date

The organizers of the Fourth DAI Day are happy to announce that the event will take place on December 17, 2021 in Parma, from morning to afternoon. As is tradition by now, there will be seminars, mostly by young speakers and a general assembly of the community, which might or might not contain the official assembly of the UMI Group DinAmicI. More information will follow, but for now, save the date!

Postdoc in Torino

The Department of Mathematics “G. Peano” of Università di Torino has announced a 1-year postdoctoral fellowship titled “Nontrivial solutions and complex dynamics in nonlinear problems”. Reference person: Prof. Paolo Caldiroli Deadline for application: October 25, 2021 Formal announcement (in Italian):

RTD-B (tenure-track position) in Mathematical Physics at Roma Tre

A Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato di tipo B (RTD-B, tenure-track 3 year) position in Mathematical Physics has been announced at Università degli Studi Roma Tre Deadline for application: October 28, 2021 Formal announcement (in Italian and in English): Annexes (template of application form, etc):

Postdoc in Symplectic Topology and related fields in Tel Aviv

The School of Mathematical Sciences at Tel Aviv University invites applications for a post-doctoral fellowship in symplectic topology and related fields. The School has a strong and diverse geometry and topology group specialising in symplectic geometry and topology, symplectic group actions, mirror symmetry and algebraic geometry, billiards and convexity, dynamics, spectral geometry. The position starts on October 1, 2022. Its duration is two years with a possible extension to the third year.