PhD in Pisa

In case you are looking for a PhD position in Mathematics at the University of Pisa for you or your students, I’m forwarding useful information from the PhD School Coordinator.

Dear colleagues,

in our department we are looking for students from outside Italyt hat might be interested in doing their PhD in Pisa, starting nextacademic year (that is, October/November 2018).
I ask your help to bring this message to the attention of students in your department that might be interested.

Concerning support: this year we have 5 positions, 1 of which is
reserved for students who got a Master degree out of Italy.
We expect the call for these positions will open in June, it will be
announced on our webpage

and on the university webpage

Moreover students from abroad can also apply to the following

*Note that the call for this last program is already open, and the **
**deadline is May 31st.*

Note that

* all these positions come with a three-year fellowship that
can fully support a student in Pisa, and some funds for
research travels;
* candidates are supposed to get their master degree by
October 2018 at the latest;
* advanced courses in Pisa are usually taught in English
(at least if there are non-Italian students in the class)
and learning Italian is not mandatory;
* even though the Scuola Normale is a separate institution
from the University of Pisa, we share courses and all types
of activities; indeed students from the University can have
an advisor at the Scuola, and viceversa;
* students that can secure themselves financial support
from other sources can apply for further positions.

Best regards,

Prof. Giovanni Alberti


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