Workshops at Jagellonian University in Kraków

In the second half of May and beginning of June 2024, there will be three events at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków related to dynamical systems:

On 20-24 May, a workshop on “Higher order Fourier analysis and combinatorial ergodic theory” with minicourses by Pablo Candela (Higher-order Fourier analysis) and Joel Morreira (Ergodic Ramsey theory). See

On 27-31 May, a workshop on “Dynamics and number theory”, covering a variety of topics and offering an opportunity to give research talks for those who already have some research results. There will be 4 minicourses: Dmitry Dolgopyat (Limit theorems for Kronecker sequences), Maksym Radziwill (Fine distribution of sequences modulo 1), Andreas Strömbergsson (Effective equidistribution in homogeneous dynamics via techniques from analytic number theory), Matthew Welsh (The dynamics of theta sums). See

On 6-9 June, a workshop in the framework of the wandering seminars (homepage will soon be updated there) on the dynamics of B-free numbers and related dynamical systems.

Registration to the first two workshops is currently open. For more details, see the webpages of these events.