Postdoc position at Università di Padova

A 18-month postdoc position (assegno di ricerca) is available at the Department of Mathematics “Tullio Levi-Civita” of the University of Padova, within the PRIN project “Stability in Hamiltonian Dynamics and Beyond”.

The postdoc will work on the topics of the project, particularly on: Hamiltonian and non Hamiltonian (e.g., nonholonomic, conformally symplectic, almost-symplectic) systems, including integrability and (extensions of) KAM and Nekhoroshev theories. Billiards and billiard-like systems, including their connection with symplectic topology. Dynamics and stability properties of Hamiltonian dynamical systems with singular potentials, including vortices. Convergence to attractors in dissipative systems.

The research will be in collaboration with the members of the Padova unit (O. Bernardi, L. Baracco, F. Fassò, L. Garcìa-Naranjo, N. Sansonetto) and of the entire PRIN project. The ideal candidates will have a good basic knowledge in Hamiltonian mechanics and dynamical systems, and expertise in some of these techniques.

Deadline for application: Friday, January 19, 2024, 1pm Italian time (via the platform PICA)

All info at: (see also the official “Albo online” of Università di Padova)

For further information feel free to contact Francesco Fassò.