Workshop 'Dynamics and Groups', University of Zurich, September 14-16

The Swiss Mathematical Society Autumn Workshop this year will be on the (broad) theme of

Dynamics and Groups

and will take place at the University of Zurich, from September 14 to 16.

The list of confirmed speakers is the following:

  • Emmanuel Breuillard (Oxford)
  • Nguyen-Thi Dang (Heidelberg)
  • Alex Gorodnik (Zurich)
  • Ursula Hamenstädt (Bonn)
  • Alexander Kolpakov (Neuchâtel)
  • Michael Magee (Durham)
  • Nicolas Monod (Lausanne)
  • Barbara Schapira (Rennes)
  • Cagri Sert (Zurich)
  • Uri Shapira (Technion, Haifa)

More information can be found at

If you are interested in participating, we would appreciate if you could pre-register (you will find the Registation tab on the webpage) by September to help with the organization.

We have (limited) funding towards accomodation costs for junior participants. The deadline for applications for funding is August 20.

The organizers,

Claire Burrin and Corinna Ulcigrai