CIRM school on Big Mapping Class Groups and Diffeomorphism Groups

10-14 october 2022: Big Mapping Class Groups and Diffeomorphism Groups, CIRM, Marseille

Organizers: Kathryn Mann (Cornell University), Andrés Navas (Universidad de Santiago de Chile), Cristóbal Rivas (Universidad de Chile), Michele Triestino (Université de Bourgogne), Ferrán Valdez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

The meeting is centered on groups that arise in dynamical and geometric contexts, an area which has seen many exciting developments in the past five years. These groups appear in many contexts, ranging from mathematical physics, to dynamical systems, Lie theory and group theory, and ideas and techniques from each area have been fruitfully applied to the others. A major motivating question is to understand to what extent the algebraic structure of an abstract group constrains the possible action of this group on topological spaces. Answering this question involves understanding the structure of diffeomorphism and homeomorphism groups of manifolds. The goal of the conference is to gather people working on the subject (around 70 participants, with at least 20/30 young researchers). The main activities will be 3 minicourses. The subjects of the talks will cover a large list of topics.


  • Bertrand Deroin (CNRS, Cergy Paris Université) Spaces of 1d actions
  • Federica Fanoni (CNRS, Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne) Big mapping class groups
  • Christian Rosendal (University of Maryland) Geometric group theory for large groups

See the page of the event for further details:

Deadline for registration: July 15.