The DinAmicI get a new website and a new logo

As you may have noticed, our website has gone through a restyling. We owe this beautiful new site to our wonderful Marcello Seri. In the process, we moved to a much simpler deployment strategy, which should make our website much much faster than before, and safer and easier to maintain for us. The price to pay for this is that you will need to contact us to submit new posts, unless you want to get your hands dirty.

This is not all! Thanks to the efforts and the patience of Giovanni Canestrari, and the pushes from Marco Lenci, the DinAmicI are excited to share wity you also the new logo:

New Logo by Giovanni Canestrari

Throughout those years, we have gone through a number of iterations. The original

Original logo

only lasted a few weeks, before being modified into

Original logo with ball

After that, we decided to work on our classical animation

Animated Logo

and the corresponding

Latest logo

The new logo, and the new website, mark a new step into the development of the group and the association.