PhD positions in Vienna

The Vienna School of Mathematics announces up to four PhD positions financed by the University of Vienna.

Application is only possible for the specific projects listed below. Each candidate is allowed to apply for at most three of the projects.

Responsibilities of the successful candidate include participation in the research activities, independent teaching of courses and conducting examinations, as well as participation in teaching evaluations and in administrative tasks.

More information and link to application portal:

Deadline for application: April 30, 2022

Possible Proposals (listed in alphabetical order by the name of the supervisor):

  1. Stability of Word Maps, with Applications (Supervisor: Goulnara Arzhantseva)
  2. Expander Graphs, with Applications (Supervisor: Goulnara Arzhantseva)
  3. Towards a Geometric Understanding of the Space of Stochastic Processes (Supervisors: Julio Backhoff-Veraguas, Mathias Beiglböck)
  4. Optimization Methods for Audio Processing (Supervisor: Peter Balazs)
  5. Higher Order Mixing in Parabolic Dynamics (Supervisor: Henk Bruin)
  6. Coarse Non-Positive Curvature in Groups (Supervisor: Christopher Cashen; Co-Supervisor: Goulnara Arzhantseva)
  7. Low-Rank Tensor Decompositions in Scientific Machine Learning (Supervisors: Vladimir Kazeev, Philipp Petersen)
  8. Combinatorics (Supervisor: Christian Krattenthaler)
  9. Topics from the Langlands Program (Supervisor: Alberto Mínguez)
  10. Repulsive Point Processes in Functional and Signal Analysis (Supervisor: José Luis Romero)
  11. Probabilistic Models in Quantitative Genetics (Supervisor: Emmanuel Schertzer)
  12. Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms for Imaging Problems (Supervisor: Otmar Scherzer)
  13. Mathematical Structure of Tensor Network States (Supervisor: Norbert Schuch)
  14. Quantum Many-Body Problems for Near Term Quantum Computers (Supervisor: Norbert Schuch)
  15. Rare Events – Probabilistic Laws from Deterministic Dynamics (Supervisor: Roland Zweimüller)