Postdoc in Symplectic Topology and related fields in Tel Aviv

The School of Mathematical Sciences at Tel Aviv University invites applications for a post-doctoral fellowship in symplectic topology and related fields. The School has a strong and diverse geometry and topology group specialising in symplectic geometry and topology, symplectic group actions, mirror symmetry and algebraic geometry, billiards and convexity, dynamics, spectral geometry. 

The position starts on October 1, 2022. Its duration is two years with a possible extension to the third year. Applications for a shorter period (1-3 semesters) will be considered as well. The applicants have to complete their Ph. D. degree by September 30, 2022 but not earlier than October 1, 2018.

Post-doctoral fellowships are strictly research positions and do not carry any teaching responsibilities. Candidates should email Ms. Nurit Liberman at with cc to , and the following application materials:

1) CV
2) List of Publications
3) Research statement
4) Three letters of recommendation

For more information, please contact Prof. Lev Buhovski: