Semester Dynamics, Transfer Operators, and Spectra, Lausanne, January-June 2021

Update regarding the semester Dynamics, Transfer Operators, and Spectra, at CIB, EPFL, Lausanne, January-June 2021.

The conference Linear Response: Rigorous Results and Applications (25-29 January 2021) and the Bernoulli lecture by Lai-Sang Young (28 January 2021) will be fully online.
Registration is required, the deadline is 8 January 2021.

The modalities (fully online, hybrid, or fully in-person) of the other scheduled events will be decided later, depending on the Covid situation. Check the links given below for updates.

Registrations of PhD (or MSc) students and early career mathematicians to the School are especially encouraged (limited funding is available for in-person attendance). The registration deadline is 17 January 2021.

Spring School on Transfer Operators (Classical and Modern Techniques) (22-26 March 2021)

Bernoulli Lecture by Maciej Zworski (25 March 2021)

There will also be two conferences:

Ruelle-Pollicott Resonances in Dynamics and in Semi-classical Analysis (12-16 April 2021). Registration deadline is 17 January 2021.

Transfer Operators Beyond Smooth or Uniformly Hyperbolic Systems (7-11 June 2021).